In creating Fancy Realities I focused on producing sculptural and installation-based ceramic objects from a non-narrative basis. I studied the relationships and visual interest each object produced in relation to one another.
As an artist working in a traditional craft medium I am constantly exploring the territory that separates craft from fine art, including investigations into the objects artists have historically used to present their works: frames, shelves, pedestals, and hands. In this body of work I am asking the viewer to consider the hierarchy of these objects in relation to the works they present. Consider the beauty of these presenters themselves: a frame with nothing inside it, a shelf or pedestal with nothing on it, an empty hand, as well as the effect of a pedestal and vessel competing for attention.
In addition, I have explored different ideas of support itself: a stool that is physically strong enough, a shadow that helps promote self-confidence, arc forms that mimic weight bearing architecture, bright colors and patterns that feel happy and create ease and positivity. Fancy Realities is as much about questioning the making and presentation of art objects as it is a very personal effort in allowing myself to feel supported by my art own practice.

Photographs by Eric Waters.